A little bit about us

Located in Colorado, but willing to travel to suit your needs, Sensei Studios is a group of highly creative professionals. We specialize in seamless integration of all that is digital.

From motion graphics to video editing to design work we cover all bases when it comes to creating digital content to suit your companies needs. We specialize in time lapse photography, stop motion animation and cinematography. We also create entertaining and nature filled short films, some of have been viewed at film festivals around the globe and have been seen millions of time by people online. We have sold our video shots to Discovery Channel and time lapses to a number of other short films, one of which, was recently featured at Sun Dance film fest.

"Give us a chance to spice up you documentary, movie, or TV show with our huge library of stock video and time lapse content, all of which is available in resoultions up to 4k! You will not be dissappointed!"

Daniel Kelly Brown, President, Sensei Studios LLC.