Time Lapse Photography

This is our specality with over 10+ years of experience.

Need to spice up that documentary or add some amusement to your current video project? We can create those video elements for you with our extensive 10 + years of knowledge and experience with Time Lapse. Browse though some of the videos to get a better sense for some of the eye candy that time lapse can provide. All of our time lapse content is available for licancing in up to 4k resoultion! Click HERE to check out all of our Time Lapse work.




Need a camera man to film for your short film, tv spot, documentary, or event? We can provide exceptional quality HD video at a resionable price

We use the highly acclaimed 5D Mark II and III combine with our ever growing collection of Zess leses ensure that the video we shoot for your company will have a highly professonal feel to it. to produce our crystal clear video.Click on the videos below to see some examples of our prevous HD cinematography. The below videos display some of our previous cinematography and editing work.



Product Animation

Product Animation is one of our more unique and powerful servies we offer

Though stop motion animation and sounds recorded directly from the product themselves the buyer really gets a better feel for item they are buying then though photos or 3d rendering. Product Animations not only help the online shopper get a better seance for what they are buying when they order a new product, but also gives them a glimpse into how to assemble and use that product. Not to mention each and every product animation is original and FUN to watch! Product animations are guaranteed to boost your sales or your money back. Click though some of the videos below to see some of our prevous product animations.



Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics are state of the art. Need titles for your film or some interesting graphics to add production value?

Aarong Knap, one of Los Angles top motion graphics designer, will ensure that the motion graphics we create for your are both highly professional and orgional. To check out Aaron's previous motion graphis work click HERE. Below is is motion graphics reel.



From architectual photoraphy to event photoraphy we can handel your needs.

Check out some of our photography below:



Identity Design

We can create a professional and sleek identity for your company through the use of our many digital skills, and do so at a fraction of what you might pay elsewhere.

We can create your logo, brochures, web site layout, TV/Web video advertisments, dvd pmenu and production, event flyers/posters, and any other design work you may need.